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It is often said that words worth hearing are worth repeating. If you are looking for strategies to cope with life’s challenges with laughter and love, Wit and Wisdom has a word for you. Wit and Wisdom is an inspired collection of anecdotes, reflections and metaphors providing a vivid viewpoint on some of life’s most meaningful moments.


Today, advice is everywhere. Information travels the globe in an instant, giving everyone the power to comment and critique. Previous generations shared their wit, wisdom and well-worn advice on less public platforms, but their words remain powerful. Colette shares simple lessons for living based on timeless biblical principles, wise family counsel, common sense, and her personal journey. She blends humor and homegrown honesty to provide genuine, heartfelt guidance from a modern perspective. Wit and Wisdom is a treasure to be read and shared with anyone seeking common sense solutions in an increasingly complicated world.

Wit and Wisdom: Lessons on Life, Love, and Leadership

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